Debit Card for Gambling Deposits

You probably enjoy playing free games at online gambling sites, and spending the free money you get as welcome bonuses. However, as you get more confident, you are likely also to want to bet with, and play for, real cash. For deposits into your online casino account, you could consider using your debit card.

Most New Zealand banks offer debit card facilities to their clients. These cards are very convenient, because you can use them for transactions at ATM machines, and also to pay directly for goods and services offline and online. For gambling online, we would recommend Spin Palace when using your MasterCard or Visa.

  • Online gambling debit card transactions basically follow the same procedures as any other transaction online.
  • Gambling online debit card transactions are fast, safe and convenient. Both Visa and MasterCard use SSL encryption software to protect your personal information. In addition, payments with a debit card will necessitate that you use your card�s unique PIN number, which adds an extra layer of protection.
  • When you use your debit card as deposit option when gambling at an online casino, you are transferring money directly from your bank account without going through an intermediary. This makes it a cost-effective method and also it helps you to control your spending, because you cannot deposit money that is not in your account and you do not incur additional debt as you would do when using your credit card.
  • Many reputable sites now offer debit cards this as a deposit option, and all our top recommended online gambling sites welcome debit cards from New Zealand players.
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How does it work?

Debit card deposits into an account at an online gambling site work much the same as for credit card deposits. The main difference is that you use money directly from your bank account, instead of using some of the credit that your credit card company makes available to you.

  • You can use any Visa or MasterCard-affiliated debit card issued by a New Zealand bank.
  • Start by creating a user account at the online casino. Where you are given the option to indicate your preferred deposit and withdrawal methods, choose debit card and then Visa or MasterCard.
  • When you want to deposit money into your casino account, go to the payment area (the online casino cashier). There select debit card and follow the procedures. In most cases you will then be taken to a new, secure screen where you would enter the card number and also your debit card PIN number.
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit. Wait for your transaction to be approved. This should take at most a few minutes, and as soon as the relevant amount reflects in your online casino account, you can start using it to bet on your favourite gambling games!

Debit card withdrawals from an online casino are also possible, but are not offered by all casinos.

  • You will go to the cashier at the online casino and choose �withdraw fund� as an option.
  • Select credit card as the payment method. Note that some casinos will only allow you to withdraw funds up to the maximum of the deposits you have made with them via your debit card. Additional amounts will have to be paid via other methods such as cheque payments.
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay and follow any other additional instructions. You will have to provide card number details and use your card PIN.
  • Payments will take a few days to reflect in your bank account.

Remember that the terms and conditions for gambling online debit cards payments money transfers may differ at the individual online casinos. Often there are additional through-play requirements in order to have your winnings paid out to you.

Our recommended sites for New Zealand players all have reliable payment options � choose one of them for peace of mind and enjoy your gaming!

Why It Is Good To Use Your Card

The most obvious benefit of using a debit card to fund your online gambling habit is that there's a pretty good chance you'll already have one that you can use without having to sign up for anything new. That means no waiting around for approval or for anything to arrive before you can start placing real money wagers online.

Plus, just about every gambling site on the web accepts them so you know that you'll have plenty of options to choose from when using gambling debit cards. Because it's very likely that you've already used your debit card to make purchases online, you'll also likely be familiar with the mechanics of using one to make a deposit on a gambling site.

Another advantage of using a debit card instead of, say, a credit card is that you can only spend as much cash as you have in your account unless you have a large interest free overdraft. Should you neglect to keep an eye on how much you're spending, you can think of this as a type of emergency brake to stop you from going overboard.

Finding The Right Site To Play

No matter where you based, whether it's New Zealand or somewhere else in the world, debit cards are still a fantastic payment option for online gambling. Debit cards boast the same convenience and speed of credit cards, but have the added bonus that you're only putting as much cash as you have in your account at stake.

This means that you could, for example, acquire a separate debit card dedicated solely to online casino use; your gambling debit card, if you will. And you'll have plenty of sites to choose from, since almost all gambling venues will allow you to use debit cards to make deposits (and sometimes withdrawals as well).

As far as security goes, debit cards are a good choice because card providers and banks have measures in place to protect their users. On the off chance something should go wrong, they'll also be able to help you block your card and prevent unauthorized spending. For all of these reasons, we've made sure that all of the top sites we recommend accept debit cards so you can get started immediately.


Am I able to use debit cards for online gambling?

Technically speaking, you'll almost always be able to use your debit card at an online casino. Whether or not you should is another matter though, as some card providers and banks/financial institutions won't allow gambling transactions if they see them.

Will MY debit card company allow gambling payments?

Some do and some don't. A little time on Google or a quick conversation with your bank/card provider should help you determine whether or not you can use your debit card for gambling. If not, you can simply an add e-wallet into the mix and fund that account with your debit card instead.

Which debit cards can be used?

Maestro is a popular debit card brand for online casinos to showcase, but the truth is that even relatively obscure debit cards can be used on at least some gambling sites. If you don't see the card you're looking to use in the Banking section of a particular site, drop their support team a message to ask whether or not you can use it.

Is using a gambling debit card safe?

There's always an element of risk involved with any payment made online BUT debit cards are very safe as things go, particularly if you only stick with honest and safe casinos like those we recommend.

How fast will money be transferred?

Debit card transfers are extremely speedy, with perhaps only e-wallet services being quicker. Withdrawals, where available when using debit cards, will take a little longer but should still see you getting your hands on winnings in a matter of days.

Are there any fees involved?

It's very unlikely that online casino sites will charge you fees to use your debit card to make a deposit because it's such a popular payment option, and they want to keep it that way because it's an easy one for them to handle.

Is a credit card a better option than debit cards?

The differences between using credit or debit cards to make deposits (and withdrawals where possible) are pretty negligible. The main difference is that debit cards will only let you spend as much cash as you have in your account, while most credit cards have a credit limit associated with them.

If you're concerned about going into your credit limit, stick with debit cards.