PayPal for Gambling Deposits

With commerce via the internet such a part of our everyday lives, we all expect that e-commerce transactions should be as simple as the ones at the stores down the street. But sometimes it is not so easy to make payments at international websites or gambling sites directly from your own bank. At the same time you want to be sure that the transactions are not only convenient, but safe – especially when you are playing for real money at an international online casino. International financial service providers have seen the opportunity to use technology that makes it easy for clients to pay for things online, including for bets or casino play when gambling.

Among our top recommended sites that offer PayPal such as Spin Palace, you will also find all the other features that you would expect of the best, such as:

  • Access through any device of your choice – computer or mobile device.
  • A variety of top casino games conducted fairly and safely.
  • Very good sign-up bonuses and special offers.
  • Excellent customer service.

This is where the third-party payment systems have become so popular. They act as go-betweens when you transfer money from your bank to whatever company you want to pay online, in whatever currency you want. Among these so-called electronic wallet (e-wallet) payment organisations, PayPal is one of the oldest and best known. However, it is only relatively recently that online gambling using PayPal became possible, and even today only the best ones do. The reason for this is that PayPal carefully protects its own reputation, and does business only with reputable companies.

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New Zealand gambling with PayPal

Deposits for online gambling using PayPal work much like transactions at any other website offering it as a payment option.

We recommend only the top gambling online sites for Kiwis, and among those are some excellent ones offering the PayPal deposit option. Choose one of our sites, knowing that those exciting sites are reputable and safe. Enjoy the many opportunities to win real money in New Zealand dollars!

A Look At Your PayPal Alternatives

PayPal has to go down as one of the most convenient payment options around – it's quick, easy to use and just about everybody who has ever made a purchase on eBay already has an account.

That's why most players in New Zealand are horrified to discover that they can't use PayPal for online gambling, even though players in the UK and elsewhere in the world can. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives for Kiwis like Neteller and Skrill out there that are more than capable of taking PayPal gambling's place.

One of the main benefits of using e-wallet services like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill is that it keeps your banking information safe – casino sites only get access to the money you grant them from your e-wallet account, and don't see your credit card details or anything like that.

You're also able to avoid gambling transactions being blocked, which can sometimes happen when you're using credit cards or bank transfers, because e-wallet providers tend to have a much more progressive attitude towards online gambling. PayPal, in New Zealand at least, is a something of an exception to that rule...

Plus, payments made using e-wallets generally transfer much quicker than those made using offline methods and are even faster than those made using credit cards or e-checks.

Picking Your Site Without PayPal:

We've provided an overview of how PayPal gambling works, although you'll likely already be familiar with some of the basics if you've ever used eBay, on this page even though you may not actually be able to use it for online gambling.

While many of the casino sites we recommend do accept PayPal, players based in New Zealand can't use it to place real money wagers unless they're using something like a proxy server to fool PayPal into thinking that they're located somewhere else.

In fact, there's simply no need to do this because fantastic alternatives like Neteller and Skrill not only exist but offer an experience that's comparable to PayPal. Gambling fans who prefer using Neteller or Skrill to PayPal can even be found in some areas. You can try either, or both, of these methods for yourself at any of the casinos we recommend here.


Who are PayPal?

PayPal is a large multinational company that specializes in digital money transfers. Once part of eBay, it's now a company in its own right...and a very successful one at that!

How does PayPal work?

Once you've topped up your PayPal account with cash, which can be done by using a credit card or online banking, you can then spend that money using your PayPal login details rather than having to enter your banking information when you make a purchase.

Can I use it for online gambling?

In many areas of the world, yes. In New Zealand, however, you'll struggle to find any casinos that will allow you to use PayPal to make deposits or withdrawals. This is a real shame, but at least there are some great alternatives around.

Is making a deposit/withdrawal fast?

If you've used PayPal before, then you'll already know how quick it is – deposits and withdrawals are virtually instantaneous, with the casino itself being the only thing that might slow the process down.

How does it compare with similar payment methods?

PayPal is certainly quicker than offline payment methods like bank transfer and checks, and it's even speedier than using a credit card or other methods that straddle the line of digital and analog. PayPal also has the distinct advantage of keeping your banking/credit card information hidden whenever and wherever you make payments.

Are there any fees involved?

Although sending money to and from different PayPal accounts can incur fees, it generally doesn't cost anything to top up your account or move money from it to your bank account.

Is it safe?

PayPal uses bank grade security measures to keep its customers safe, and it's generally agreed that using PayPal is just as safe as (if not safer than) using a credit card or online banking to make a payment.

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