How to Play Roulette

Even if you have only heard of the game or watched others play it, but have never taken the chance of betting on online roulette, you will know that it is a big gambling attraction. Wherever New Zealand gamblers visit a bricks-and-mortar casino, roulette is definitely one of their favourite games, and since online gambling came along, Kiwis also enjoy the thrill of watching the virtual roulette wheel spin and hoping that the ball will land on their number so that they can win real cash!

The sites that we feature among our recommendations all include roulette as one of their top games. Our recommended casino for online roulette is Spin Palace. At those trusted sites you will also find:

  • Generous sign-on bonuses to start you off betting on online roulette and other games.
  • Excellent security – your personal and financial data will be encrypted and safe.
  • Many different, convenient payment options that suit Kiwi players.
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How it works

Online roulette games are basically the same as at land-based casinos and there are different ways to enjoy it:

  • Games with computer graphics, including the instant or HTML5 versions where you can play the game directly through your internet browser without downloading any software to your device. You could even play more than one instant roulette game at once.
  • Live dealer roulette games, where you can watch real live dealers spin the wheel.

Variations: There are many variations of roulette, of which the most important groups are

  • European Roulette (where there are 36 numbers and a single zero),
  • French Roulette (comparable to European roulette, but half your money is paid if a zero lands, even if you did not bet on zero),
  • American Roulette (36 numbers, plus zero and double zero), and
  • Special online variations include multi-wheel roulette (where you can bet simultaneously more than one table/wheel), and multi-ball roulette (where multiple balls are used).

Rules: The essential elements are the roulette wheel and ball, and the betting board.

  • The 36 numbers plus zero (and double zero where relevant) are arranged randomly on ‘slices’ of the wheel that normally have alternate red and black backgrounds. There is a track on the outside of the wheel for the ball to runs in when the dealer spins it.
  • The online roulette betting board also has 36 numbers plus zero (and double zero where relevant), but the numbers are arranged in consecutive order and in columns. Each will appear against the same background colours as it has on the wheel.
  • On the outside of the numbers on the betting board there are also other boxes for ‘outside bets’. Outside bets include odd or even numbers, red or black, or high or low numbers.
  • Outside bets have a higher probability of coming up, and therefore have a lower risk and a higher chance of paying out. It is often a good idea for beginners to start by making outer bets.
  • When all the bets are in, the gaming program (or the croupier for live dealer games) will spin the wheel in one direction, and the ball in the opposite direction around the track. In due course the ball will settle in one of the numbered slots. The graphics versions of online casino roulette games are not as realistic as the live dealer versions, but the result will be the same and the outcome will be random.
  • If your number or one of your outside bets comes up, you will win a nice sum of real money!

Choose one of our exciting and trustworthy sites to start enjoying online roulette and winning real cash in New Zealand dollars!

The Features A Good Roulette Site Should Have

Finding a casino that's not only safe and secure, but offers various different variations of roulette online – European, French and American being the most obvious, but there are others out there too – is key to a great roulette gambling experience. However, there are other things you need to look for too.

For example, there's no reason why you should have to settle for an online gambling/roulette site that doesn't offer a great welcome bonus with decent wagering requirements that actually give you a chance of unlocking it.

Plenty of supported currencies (but particularly NZD), a range of payment options and quick payouts are all good indicators that a site is financially healthy and won't disappoint you when it comes to smooth withdrawals and deposits. Avoid any sites that have negative reviews on this front.

Finally, if gaming on the go is important to you then you'll want to find a top-rated casino that has either a mobile app or responsive site that prominently features roulette.

Now Pick Your Best Site

With some of the best odds available of any type of online gambling, online roulette is a favourite not only with those in New Zealand but all over the world. Whether European, French, American or even Multi-Ball/Multi-Wheel is your game of choice, you'll find plenty of top-rated sites where you can enjoy hitting the tables on this page.

We look at everything from bonus size (and how easy it is to unlock the cash) and security all the way through to range of games, just in case you fancy a break from roulette online, when we rate and review casino sites so you can rest assured that you're in for a fantastic experience whichever site you settle on.


Does online online roulette use a real wheel?

Nope – online casinos would need to have a lot of wheels running simultaneously if that was the case! Instead, the results in online roulette are determined by software and random number generators (RNGs). Live dealer roulette, which does use real wheels, is an exception to this rule.

How do I know it's random?

All reputable gambling sites are subject to third part audits, which include inspections of their RNGs to ensure that they're playing by the rules. Some casinos will even publish information about these audits on their website for you to read. Any casino that's found cheating is subject to hefty fines and/or closure.

Where can I play?

The sites listed above all represent great places for New Zealanders to enjoy an evening (or a day) of roulette gambling, with fantastic bonuses and a wide range of games in addition to roulette.

How does online roulette differ to playing in a casino?

When playing on the web, with the exception of live dealer roulette, you're in control of the pace of the action; you can spin the wheel as quickly or as slowly as you like, and can often skip the wheel animation entirely if you desire.

How popular is it in New Zealand?

Roulette is incredibly popular all over the world, including in New Zealand, and that's really no surprise since it offers bets with some of the best odds of any game in the casino.

How much can I win?

Tables are usually subject to betting limits, which restrict the amount of cash you can wager on a single spin, but as long as you play within these limits (and have Lady Luck on your side) you could theoretically make thousands, or even tens of thousands of NZD, in one sitting.

Should I use a betting system?

We would advise against it. Although betting with/against the streak or adjusting your bet based on previous outcomes can seem like a great idea, it can result in heavy losses when the game throws out unexpected results. You're much better off just accepting roulette as the game of chance it really is.

Can I trust gambling/roulette sites?

If you stick with sites that are proven to be safe and honest, like the ones that we recommend on this page, the answer to that question is yes – do this and you can enjoy gambling/roulette without having to worry about getting conned or cheated out of your hard-earned cash.

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