MasterCard for Gambling Deposits

MasterCard is known as one of the two top providers of bank cards and money transfer globally, and it is very likely that your New Zealand bank issues MasterCard credit cards and debit cards to use for your general banking and payment needs as well as for online money transfers. Your MasterCard gambling online is now something you can do in addition to it allowing you to draw money and pay suppliers and stores for goods.

Gambling online with MasterCard is possible because the best online casinos offer it as one of their top payment options to make deposits to finance betting on their games. They know that players want the convenience and security that comes with MasterCard facilities:

  • MasterCard invests in new technology and among others have ensured that their services can be accessed with computers as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • They also invest in the best secure sockets layer (SSL) technologies to ensure that data transfers are safe and protected.
  • They say their goal is �to build a World Beyond Cash� where every person, every payment and every device is protected� and constantly invest in new technologies to make this possible.

While we think that based on the abovementioned factors, Spin Palace is the top casino, New Zealand gambling online via MasterCard is possible at all our recommended international sites. These sites have passed all our critical tests and you can be sure they are all registered at international regulating bodies, pay generous welcome bonuses and are backed by great customer service.

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How it works

To use your MasterCard issued by a New Zealand bank for online gambling, you need to choose it as an option when you register at an online casino, and also when you make deposits. Choosing the gambling online MasterCard option is straightforward, and transactions will be honoured as long as they are covered by enough cash in your bank account (for debit cards) or a big enough credit line (for credit cards) to cover the amounts you will want to deposit to finance betting on your casino games.

  • Keep your card on hand during the registration process at an online casino, or when you want to make a cash deposit into your account.
  • During the registration process, choose MasterCard as your preferred payment option. For credit cards you will have to enter your name, the number of the card, its expiry date, and the credit card verification code on the back of the card. You may also have to enter some personal identification details, which will be required to ensure that you are the legitimate holder of the card and of legal gambling age.
  • Once you have a registered account, you can deposit cash into it any time. For this, you will go to the online casino cashier area. Choose MasterCard from the payment options and then enter the details of your card again. If you are using a debit card, you may be transferred to a SSL-secured page where you will among others enter the unique PIN for your debit card.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit, confirm the details of the transaction and then wait for approval. The waiting period will be no longer than for any other online transaction using MasterCard. Soon the money will appear in your online casino account.

When deciding about payment options for gambling online, the reliable MasterCard will be one of the obvious choices. It is accepted at the best sites and you are likely to find it as an option at our recommended online casinos. Once you have decided on one of our top picks, you can then relax and move on to some really fun decisions � which games to play, and how much to bet on them!

How MasterCard Is So Popular

We've mentioned elsewhere on this site that MasterCard is one of the most popular card providers in the world and it's for that reason that you'll find so many gambling venues that are willing to accept it.

MasterCard holds such a huge share of the credit card market that almost all online stores and casino sites work very hard to ensure that they can accept it so they don't miss out of potential customers. And, precisely because MasterCard is so popular, there's a good chance you already have at least one of them in your wallet.

Thanks to their excellent reputation for safety and security, in all aspects of online purchasing and not just online gambling, MasterCard users are so comfortable with this payment method that they won't think twice about making large deposits and withdrawals.

And rightly so, because this is a payment method that really can be used with confidence; on the off chance something does go awry, you can rely on MasterCard to help you put things right again.

With their strong focus on eliminating the need for cash and other payment methods, it makes sense that MasterCard would spend a lot of time and effort working on their service to make sure that transfers are as quick and easy as possible. And they've done a very good job of doing just that, with most MasterCard gambling payments going through virtually immediately.

MasterCard in Summary

Above we've looked at some of the advantages of MasterCard, as well as how to use it to fund your online gambling habit and some of the best places to do so. If we haven't already made it clear, we consider MasterCard to be one of the top deposit options out there for players in New Zealand.

That's even truer if you're unable to, or unwilling to, sign up for an e-wallet service for any reason when gambling – MasterCard's convenience and ease of use is difficult to beat and, with an acceptance rate that's second only to Visa, you'll very rarely be out of luck when looking for a MasterCard casino site. You can check out some of the best that we've found on this page.


Can I use my MasterCard for online gambling?

Almost every online gambling site accepts MasterCard, so the short answer is that you absolutely can. However, some banks/financial institutions may not allow transactions relating to gambling if they spot them so it's worth checking whether or not this is the case for you.

What sites out there will accept MasterCard?

Pretty much all of them. It's very rare to find a gambling site that doesn't accept MasterCard, so it's highly unlikely that you'll leave disappointed if you arrive at an online casino hoping to use it.

Is using it for online gambling safe?

As long as you stick with reputable sites, using a MasterCard to fund online gambling is just as safe as making any other transaction on the web – there's always a very small risk of something going wrong, but this is negligible in most cases.

Are there are any fees?

It's pretty rare for casino sites to charge fees for using MasterCard. Because it's such a popular payment option, they just can't afford to take the risk of their customers going somewhere that doesn't charge for using it.

How does MasterCard compare with other deposit options?

There's no doubt that MasterCard is quicker than offline payment methods like bank transfers and checks and, since you probably already have one in your wallet, it's easy to make the case that MasterCard gambling is more convenient than using e-wallets as well.

Should I use an e-wallet instead?

If you're concerned about sharing your card details, or your bank doesn't allow gambling transactions, then using an e-wallet as a bridge between gambling sites and your MasterCard isn't a bad idea.

But, if you're sure a site is legit, then there's no particular reason to add an e-wallet into the mix.

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