Gambling on iPhone

One of the most popular smartphones is Apple’s range of iPhones, and if you are one of the many iPhone owners in New Zealand who also like gambling, you may have wondered if you could gamble online using your phone. The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ Like other Apple devices, you will find many online casinos that cater to your needs such as Spin Palace.

Our team of experts find sites that will display correctly on your iPhone, and also have all the other features that you look for:

  • A selection of interesting and exciting games based on the latest gaming software.
  • Generous welcome bonuses and special offers for members.
  • Deposit and withdrawal options that suit New Zealanders.
  • The possibility of withdrawing your money in New Zealand dollars.
  • Good security features that safeguard your personal information.

People enjoy using smartphones and other mobile devices to connect to the internet – it is very convenient to do so, because it allows you to stay connected wherever you are. You don’t need to be close to your computer – as long as you have 3G and/or WiFi, all the information and entertainment will be right there at your fingertips.

You can register at online gambling sites, bet on games and enjoy the thrills of the gameplay just as easily as you would on any other smartphone, computer or tablet. The first online casinos were mainly aimed at PCs and Windows software, and also did not cater for mobile devices, because mobile technology was not that advanced yet. Things have changed considerably in the meanwhile and the best online casino operators have adapted their games and software to make it possible for iPhone gambling as well as other mobile devices to have an enjoyable experience at their sites. Among others, the display will automatically adapt to the smaller size of iPhone screens compared to iPads, other tablet devices or desktop computers.

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Where to start

Are you ready to start using your iPhone as a convenient pocket-sized casino? Start by looking at some of our recommended online gambling iPhone sites. You could also perhaps try out some free games on those sites that will allow you to get to know how things work, and learn how to play games that are less familiar to you.

  • Once you have found the site where you would like to play, register. Once you have an account, you will be able to use the same log-on details from your iPhone and any other device that you own: iPad, Apple Mac computer or laptop, PC, etc.
  • You will have various options to play different games: the instant, no-download Flash games are very popular because you don’t have to download any special gaming software and there will be no need to use some of the memory space on your device.
  • However, some sites will require that you download apps/software, and in many cases you will automatically be sent to the iTunes store to do so.
  • Also try out some of the thrilling live dealer games. Most iPhones can easily handle live streaming video – just ensure that you have a reliable and fast connection to the internet.

With all these options and our great recommended sites to choose from, you could soon be playing poker, roulette, blackjack and more, directly from your iPhone. Lots of chances to win some handy real cash are waiting for you!

Site Features To Look Out For

Ask most players what makes a good iPhone gambling site and they'll tell you that it's all about the games that are on offer. Well, it's tough to deny that the selection of titles available is a factor in what makes a top-rated iPhone casino but it's certainly not the be all and end all.

A large real cash bonus with low, or at least fair, wagering requirements is also important when you're looking for a new site to play with because it shows that sites are in a solid enough position that they're still trying to attract and engage with new players. On a similar note, quick payouts, several supported currencies and plenty of different deposit options also demonstrate good financial health and a desire to make things as simple as possible for customers.

Even if you're only planning to play on your iPhone, it's worth looking at the software that a site uses in their main casino and the range of games they offer. The use of cutting edge software and a large range of games is evidence that, as and when new titles become available for iPhone gambling, they'll be working to improve their mobile offering.

Choosing A Top iPhone Gambling Site

It has to be said that, right now, iPhone gambling does lag behind playing your favourite games in a standard online casino – around 30-50 games in mobile game libraries compared with the 300-500 you'll find on laptop/desktop – but we don't think that this will be the case for long.

There are many who consider mobile gambling to be the future of real money online gaming, and casino software developers regularly add new games to mobile libraries for use on iPhone and other smartphones.

Getting started is easy, particularly at one of the top-rated iPhone casinos that we've linked to above, and we think that most New Zealanders (but particularly slots fans) will love enjoying some of their favourite games while they're on the go.


Can I try online gambling on my iPhone?

You certainly can. The range of games available on iPhone may not be anything close to what you'll find on a desktop or laptop –– with around 30-50 available on the former and upwards of 300 on the latter – but many players still love being able to take some of their favourite games with them in their pocket.

Do I need the newest model?

No! Games will inevitably look and perform better on newer models, but you certainly don't need to be using the latest iPhone 7 to be able to give iPhone gambling a try. In fact, all but the oldest and most outdated models can access at least some casino games.

How do I get started?

To try iPhone casino gaming you'll need to either download an app or visit a responsive mobile site. Either way, the process usually begins in much the same way – visit a gambling site and they'll direct you to wherever you need to be.

Can I make deposits and withdrawals?

Yes. But we'd strongly advise that you only do so using a private, and secure, WiFi network rather than the public network at, say, your local library or coffee shop. Using an unsecured network for financial transactions puts your personal information and/or bank details at risk.

What games are popular on iPhone?

While table games like roulette and blackjack are popular regardless of the platform for gambling, iPhone users will soon learn that the most common games for mobile players are slots. There are so many slots to choose from that there aren't really any clear favourites when it comes to the best slots title for iPhone.

Where can I find top apps and sites?

This page is a great place to start – we've linked to some of our top-rated iPhone casinos and gambling sites, so you can find your way to some excellent apps or mobile sites and get started in a matter of minutes.

How does it compare with playing on a desktop?

We've mentioned elsewhere that mobile gamers have access to a smaller range of games than those on a desktop or laptop, but we should also mention that the graphics and gameplay of titles that you can access are inevitably much simpler because of the iPhone's reduced screen size and processing power.

Is iPhone gambling safe?

Stick with safe and honest sites, like the ones we recommend, and you'll find that making real money wagers on an iPhone is just as safe as ordering shoes from an online store or doing your weekly food shop on the web.

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