POLi for Gambling Deposits

When you gamble online, you want to have fun and win lots of real cash. But to do that, you also have to deposit some real cash into your online casino account to pay for your bets. Choosing the best payment option to do that is important, because you want your money to be safe and you also want the method to be simple to use. Safe and secure gambling is never a worry with Spin Palace, especially when using POLi.

Many New Zealand online gamblers do not want to use their credit cards or debit cards at an online casino and look for other methods that are convenient enough. One of those to consider, is the Australian POLi (short for ‘pay online’) facility, which is one of the e-wallet (short for electronic wallet) services. E-wallets are third-party companies that operate between your bank and the internet site where you want to do business, including online gambling sites.

  • When you use POLi, the online casino will not have access to your banking details, and at the same time your bank will not know for what purpose you are making a payment.
  • For your safety, POLi communication is protected with SSL encryption technology. They also guarantee that they do not collect data such as usernames, or passwords.
  • We know Kiwis want deposit options that are secure as well as convenient, and therefore our top recommended sites for Kiwis offer a variety of such choices, including POLi.
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How it works

In order to use the gambling online POLi facility, you have to have a bank account at one of the participating New Zealand banks. The following New Zealand banks have POLi facilities: Bank of New Zealand, Kiwibank, TSB Bank, ANZ, ASB, BankDirect, and Westpac.

  • POLi is different from some other e-wallet services in the sense that you do not have to create a separate POLi account. There is no sign-up procedure. All you need to do is to download the free POLi software on your computer from www.polipayments.com/.
  • Once the POLi software is running, you can use the facility at any online casino that offers it as a deposit option.
  • Simply visit the cashier at the online gambling site and then choose POLi as the payment option.
  • The POLi software will start and will ask which New Zealand bank you use. Choose your bank. The POLi software interface will take you to the internet banking facilities of the bank. Enter your online banking information as usual – it will be exactly the same procedure you follow when you log in to do any other internet business via your bank.
  • You will be asked what amount you want to transfer. Again, the procedure will be the same as paying for goods or services via your bank account online.
  • Confirm the transaction and POLi will then transfer the money into your online casino account. It will happen very quickly and the amount should show up in your casino account almost immediately.

All it takes to make use of this very simple money transfer method which is already used so frequently by New Zealanders. Gambling online with POLi is something our expert reviewers recommend with confidence. Choose it and get ready to bet on thrilling casino games with real money – and of course to start winning some real cash too!

Why POLi Is Popular With Players

One of the easiest and most familiar ways to transfer money to an online casino site is to use online banking. However, some players may feel uncomfortable sharing their bank details with online casino sites even when playing in the top venues that we recommend.

Fortunately, POLi gives Australians and New Zealanders an easy way to use their online banking to make payments but still keep their details hidden from recipients. If you're the least bit privacy conscious but still want to make use of online banking to make payments, you simply have to check out POLi gambling.

Despite adding an extra layer of security, POLi doesn't slow things down at all and you'll find that using this payment method is just as quick as using credit cards or online banking without POLi. As such, there's really no downside to adding POLi into the mix if you want to make sure that your online gambling experience is just that extra bit safer.

You might think that, because the service is only available to Australians and New Zealand, not too many casinos would offer support for POLi but you'll be pleased to learn that just about every casino that allows Aussie and Kiwi players accepts it.

Now Get Started With POLi

We've taken a look at how POLi gambling works and some of its advantages above, and we're sure that you've probably realised by now what a great choice this payment method is. Of course, you will need to make sure that your bank or financial institution of choice supports it before you can use it for online gambling. POLi is definitely, in our minds at least, worth it.

With no need to go through complicated signup processes or anything like that, POLi represents an easy addition to your arsenal of deposit/withdrawal options and boasts extra bank grade security when compared with a standard transfer alone. To try it for yourself, just visit any of the top rated casinos that we recommend on this page.


What exactly is POLi?

This payment method is a service that's only available to players who hold accounts with certain banks in Australia and New Zealand. With ties to a number of very well-respected financial institutions, it's built a very positive reputation over the past decade or so and became part of Australia Post's SecurePay subsidiary after an acquisition in 2015.

How does the process work?

In effect POLi acts as a bridge between your online banking account and an online casino, or any other merchant that accepts this payment method. After initiating a transfer through POLi, they then send the money to the designated recipient without revealing your bank details.

Can I use POLi for casino play?

Yes! Given that POLi have a couple of official partnerships with sports betting companies, it's safe to assume that they are well aware of the fact that millions of gamblers use their services for placing real cash wagers. Since we've never heard the company speaking out against or trying to discourage using its services for gambling, POLi seems to be on board with that.

Is it safe to use?

POLi has partnerships with several different major banks and financial institutions, and they wouldn't have been able to achieve this without a fantastic reputation for safety and security. Using POLi is just as safe as, or even safer than, making a payment using online banking or a credit card.

How fast are deposits/withdrawals?

Despite all those extra layers of security, POLi is no slower than using online banking in the traditional way or making a payment using credit cards. In fact, its deposit speed is probably on par with using e-wallets and withdrawals are also generally processed within a few days.

How does POLi compare with other payment methods?

Although it doesn't work in exactly the same way as an e-wallet, POLi gambling still feels a little like you're using one of these services – it offers more security without compromising on speed, in the same way that e-wallets do, but maintains all the convenience and ease of sending a traditional bank transfer.

Do I have to pay any fees?

POLi will never charge you to make a payment using their service and, while it is possible for merchants such as casino or poker sites to charge a fee for making a deposit using this service, you'll find that most won't because they don't want to deter potential customers.