Live Dealer Roulette Gambling

If you are like lots of other New Zealand gaming enthusiasts, the image of a roulette table is one of the first that you think of when someone uses the word ‘gambling’. At land-based casinos, roulette games attract people because of the thrill and anticipation. Take a look at Spin Palace for some of the top live dealer roulette on offer.

When playing, you’ll place your bets on the table, and then wait until the croupier spins the wheel. The ball rushes around the wheel until it finally lands on a number. If that number is yours, you have just won some real cash, and if you bet a lot of cash, your winnings could be a large amount.

  • You can log on to live dealer roulette gambling games from anywhere: all you need is a fast internet connection and that can handle live streaming video.
  • At live dealer gambling sites, you will also find other games such as baccarat and poker with real croupiers.
  • If you are looking for the best sites to try, we have found the top live dealer online casino roulette sites for you to try.

The operators of online casinos know that roulette is a big attraction at real-life casinos and therefore they looked for ways to recreate some of this atmosphere for online players. The solution was to use live streaming video to show real, live dealer gambling with real tables and people who collect the bets and spin the roulette wheel.

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How do I play live dealer gambling roulette?

Keep in mind that for live dealer games to work, you have to play on a device with a steady, fast connection to the internet. This is because live streaming video requires quite a bit of bandwidth.

  • Register at an online casino with live dealer games. For ideas of where to go, have a look at our trusted, recommended sites.
  • Decide on one of the live dealer roulette tables at the site, then ‘sit down’ at the table.
  • The live video stream will show a room with the roulette table and a real croupier. There will be a real wheel, just as the ones at land-based casinos, with 36 numbers and a zero organised randomly on alternating red and black backgrounds. Depending on the variation of the roulette game, there could also be a double zero. There will be a groove on the outside rim of the wheel for the ball to run in.
  • There will be a betting board that looks the same as any other roulette board. You can place ‘inside’ (on specific numbers) or ‘outside’ (on red/black, high/low or odd/even numbers) bets. Beginners could perhaps start by taking some of the outside bets options, because the odds are higher to win something than if you bet on a single number.
  • You can use live chat boxes to talk directly to the dealer and the other players and the dealer via a chat box.
  • You will be able to hear the dealer talking, just as you would at a real casino. After a while, he or she will say ‘No more bets!’ just as they do at real casinos.
  • The croupier then spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction. After a while, the ball will settle in one of the grooves and if yours is the number that comes up, have just won win cash that you can withdraw in real New Zealand dollars!

Our selection of top sites offering roulette online live dealer gambling games are sure to provide you with many hours of thrills and fun!

How Is A Live Dealer Roulette Game Different?

The most obvious difference between standard online roulette and live dealer roulette gambling is, of course, that the latter involves a real ball and a real wheel spun by a croupier. The sights and sounds are, therefore, much more impressive than the sometimes lacklustre recreations you'll find in a standard game.

Another key variation, which actually results from the fact that a real wheel is used, means that players have less control over when the wheel is spun and must place bets during a certain window of time that's closed by the live dealer prior to them spinning the wheel.

As a result, unless you play roulette particularly slowly when in a standard online casino gambling, live dealer roulette is likely to have a much slower pace than what you may be used to. Still, that's not necessarily a bad thing because it can help to stretch your bankroll a little further...

The Features Of A Good Live Dealer Roulette Casino

A faithful representation of roulette in a live dealer environment is all well and good – look for a high quality video feed, a professional table setup and croupiers who clearly know what they're doing – but it takes much more than that to make a great roulette casino.

For example, top notch software that offers a large range of games (including a few different versions of roulette, naturally) is always a positive because it demonstrates that the site is keen to keep up with the latest technological developments and offer players plenty of variety.

Likewise, a hefty welcome bonus – even if you can't use it for live dealer gaming, which is sometimes the case – is a great sign that this is a casino site that cares about its players, and probably offers quick and efficient deposits/withdrawals as well. Without all of these things, a site can't call itself a great live dealer roulette gambling venue.

Now Get Playing!

As one of the most popular casino games in the world, it's no surprise that roulette was one of the first live dealer games to arrive on the market. In fact, it's still one of the only games that casino software developers have successfully managed to convert for use in a live dealer environment. But that doesn't mean that this game feels old and tired by any means!

If you're looking for a break from the usual, live dealer roulette gambling might be just what you need. There's no shortage of places to play but, if you're not sure where to start, just click on any of the links on this page for one of the top-rated live dealer experiences we've found for players in New Zealand.


How exactly does live dealer roulette work?

The game works in pretty much the same way as offline or standard online roulette – players place their bets on the number, colour or area that they think the ball will land in then the croupier (who is broadcast to players via webcam) spins an actual wheel to determine the result.

Where can I play?

You can try live dealer roulette gambling either on dedicated live dealer sites or on an offshoot of a traditional online casino. If you don't know where to start, just click on one of the links on this page to be taken to a great live dealer venue for New Zealanders.

How does it compare to standard online roulette?

The experience is quite similar, although most players find the suspense of live dealer roulette a bit more exciting. The main difference is that whereas in standard online roulette players can play at their own pace, live dealer roulette goes at whatever speed the croupier dictates. This rarely poses a problem, but simply means that you need to make sure you get all of your bets in on time because the croupier will wait for no-one!

Can I use strategy to win?

Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee that you'll win no matter what the type of gambling. Live dealer roulette is no exception to that rule, and betting/for against the streak might seem to work sometimes but it will not always result in success.

Can I play using a mobile device?

For some reason, probably because the latter has a fiddly screen size, live dealer play is more common on tablets than on smartphone. That said, some sites are now offering their games on all devices (including smartphones) so you can try mobile play if you like.

Is live dealer roulette fixed?

Definitely not. Well, as long as you're playing with a reputable casino that is! In fact, it's even more unlikely that a casino would be able to skew the results of live dealer roulette gambling in their favour because players can see all of the results taking place in front of them.