Online Gambling for Mac Users

Today things are completely different than when online gambling first started almost twenty years ago: Apple is one of the market leaders and the New Zealand owners of Apple products can enjoy the same excitement as anyone else with Mac gambling. In fact, although it took a little longer to get there, the online casinos take special care to make it convenient for Mac gamblers to play online. Spin Palace is no different in its unwavering support for Mac play.

  • There are different ways in which you can enjoy online gambling on Macs – including the convenience of no-download Flash play.
  • Special apps make it easy to use Macs.
  • Our own experts at find some of the best sites for Mac owners to try out.

The reason why it took longer for Mac online gambling to become popular is that in the early days of online casinos, most people used PCs to connect to the internet and therefore most of the programs and designs of the online gambling sites concentrated on ensuring that the games would run and display well on PCs. There were also no mobile devices (phones and tablets) like the iPad or iPhone that used the Mac iOS. In the early days, it was therefore difficult for Mac owners to play gambling games online, and when you wanted to gamble online, you had to play at an internet café or borrow a friend’s PC.

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Mac online fun

Every day millions of people connect to the internet using their Macs, and international online gambling sites have adapted their software to ensure that Apple Mac users will feel welcome. Games at the top casinos display perfectly on all iOS-based devices. Among others, you can

  • Play ‘instant’ or no-download version of your favourite games at online casinos that welcome New Zealanders. These games use Flash software, which your Mac uses for lots of other purposes online as well.
  • The no-download Flash online games have the advantage that you don’t have to save any special online gaming software on your computer. You can also play anywhere – including at someone else’s Mac or at an internet café with Macs without having to worry about unwanted downloads.
  • You could choose one of the also play at online casinos that have been designed specifically with Mac players in mind, where you can download the games.
  • You could also download apps directly from the Apple store onto your device.

Get started

Or reviewers examine many sites to see how well they run on the different software platforms. After testing those sites carefully, we then recommend some sites that we think you as Mac gambling user will really enjoy because they all offer the important features that players from New Zealand and elsewhere demand:

  • Many different, exciting gambling games.
  • Generous bonuses, rewards and prizes.
  • Payment options that are convenient to Kiwis and the possibility to do transactions in New Zealand dollars.
  • Excellent security and privacy features.

Choose one of or top picks, register and then sit back and start enjoying online gambling with your Mac!

Features A Good Mac Gambling Site Should Have

If you're looking for a great casino where you can enjoy some Mac gambling, you're definitely in the right place. We've been rating and reviewing casinos for many years, so we know exactly what you need to look for to get the best playing experience possible.

Range of games may not seem particularly important as long as you can find the titles you're looking for, but you should always try to find venues with as many games as possible because it demonstrates the casino's commitment to improving their software and offering players as much choice as they possibly can.

On the financial side of things, a good bonus and plenty of different deposit options shows that a casino is keen to engage with new players and make their time playing there as simple and enjoyable as possible. Low wagering requirements are always preferable, because this makes it more likely that you'll actually be able to clear them.

Gaming On Mac: Technical Specifications

It's very rare, almost unheard of in fact, to find a downloadable casino client that can be used on a Mac. We suspect that this will change pretty soon, and some online poker sites are already starting to offer dedicated Mac gambling clients. For now, however, this definitely does not mean that Apple fanatics are unable to access casino games!

No download casinos, also known as Instant play or Flash casino alternatives, that allow players to enjoy games in their browser without the need to download anything are great for Mac players, and will run even on older Apple computers.

Because Apple users represents such a large share of the market, casino sites certainly haven't given up on Mac fans and create their products with Apple computers in mind just as much as those who love PC gambling. Mac users have probably never had it better than they do in 2024!

Now Choose Your Mac Gambling Site:

If you're looking to hit the casino on your Mac, you really needn't worry about the fact that there are no downloadable clients for Apple computers. The rise in popularity of no download/instant play alternatives mean that Mac gambling users will have just an easy time as those on a PC if they want to place some real cash wagers.

It's true that no download alternatives don't have quite as many games as downloadable clients, but with around 95% of the same games on offer, this won't be a problem for the vast majority of gamers. If you're using a Mac right now and are keen to hit the slots or try some table games, simply sign up with one of our top picks on this page to get started.


Can I play casino games on a Mac?

Yes! While you may not be able to download a casino client – something that many PC players never do anyway – you can access games using the in-browser/instant play alternative that's available at virtually all online casinos.

Do I need to download anything?

Nope, and it's actually very unlikely that you would even be able to download a client to play casino games on Mac if you wanted to. Luckily, as we've covered above, that doesn't have a negative impact on gameplay and has only a tiny effect on the range of games available.

Is Mac gambling safe?

If you stick with honest and reputable sites, like the top-rated picks for Kiwis that we recommend on this page, then you should have no issues when playing casino games on a Mac. If you're still hesitant, you might want to consider using an e-wallet to add another layer of security.

How does the experience compare with using a PC?

For the most part, the experience is virtually identical. No download casinos look and play almost exactly the same whatever platform you're using them on, whether that's a Mac, PC, Linux or even a tablet device.

Can I still claim a bonus?

Absolutely – all of the same bonuses are available to Mac players.

Are multiplayer games Mac only?

Not necessarily. If you find your way into a multiplayer event, such as a tournament or live dealer game, then it's just as likely that you'll be mixed up with PC players as it is that you'll be facing off against only other Mac users.

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