Visa for Gambling Deposits

Visa is one of the two most recognised international bank card service providers. Visa credit cards and debit cards are issued by large numbers of international commercial banks, including New Zealand banks. Visa has built up a great reputation and is trusted all over the world as a safe, reliable way to pay for all kinds of transactions – whether it is at one of your local stores or service providers, or whether you are paying for things online. When an online gambling site offers Visa as one of its payment options, it is also a good indication that the site itself is a reputable one. That’s why we think Spin Palace is a reliable place to gamble.

  • We research all the top online gambling sites that accept Visa, and make some recommendations for online casinos that are particularly attractive for New Zealanders.
  • At our recommended sites you will find excellent data encryption security features.
  • In addition to the selection of thrilling games, our trusted sites also offer generous welcome bonuses, prizes and promotions.

Most importantly, the sites will allow you to conduct your financial transactions in your own currency: New Zealand dollars.

So, when you are gambling online for real money at the best sites, Visa will be accepted readily and you won’t have to worry that a transaction be rejected – unless you have exceeded the limits on your credit card or do not have sufficient funds in your bank to transfer money with your debit card.

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How it works

Gambling online using Visa is possible using any device you use to connect to the internet – it does not matter whether you use a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet computer. In order to use the facility for gambling online, Visa needs to be selected as your preferred payment option when you register at an online casino and again when you want to make a deposit or make a withdrawal.

Registering: During the registration process, choose Visa as your payment option and then indicate whether you want to use a credit card or debit card. In some cases you might have to choose credit card or debit card first, and then Visa.

  • If you choose the credit card option, you will have to enter your name, the card number, expiration date, and three-digit credit card verification (CCV) security code. You are likely to be given the option to save this information for future use at the casino.
  • You may also have to provide some identification verification details such as an identity number and proof of address. This is necessary to prove you are the legitimate holder of the card.

Deposits: Once you are registered as a member at an online gambling site, you can also make deposits into your account to finance your bets.

  • To do that, you will go to the casino’s cashier and choose your Visa credit or debit card as an option.
  • You will again enter the details of your Visa card, and in the case of a debit card, you will also have to use your card PIN number.
  • Then enter the amount you wish to deposit, check the details of the transaction before confirming it and then wait for it to be approved.
  • The transaction will normally take only a minute or so to complete.

Withdrawals: The best sites with the Visa option will also allow withdrawals of your winnings through your Visa card. However, check the specific terms and conditions to ensure that these payments will be possible and whether there are limits to the amounts that you can withdraw.

The Best Features Of Visa

Almost certainly the most widely accepted brand of credit card in the world, and not just for online gambling, Visa is always a good choice for players in New Zealand (and everywhere else) because of the sheer volume of casino sites at which it's accepted. That doesn't mean that every Visa casino is worth your time, but it's good to know that virtually all of the best sites out there accept it.

There's also the fact that, if you have any credit cards in your wallet, at least one of them is probably provided by Visa. Being able to start gambling straight away without having to sign up for any extra services or apply for anything is another advantage that playing with Visa offers.

Then there's the safety and security factor – as probably the largest card provider in the world, Visa have invested lots of money and time in ensuring that their processes are as safe as possible so you know you're in for a good experience when you use Visa as long as you stick with safe and honest casinos. And even Visa gambling is secure, that doesn't slow the process down one bit; it is one of the quickest payment methods you'll find when you hit the online casino.

Getting Started

Above we've looked at how to use Visa at online gambling sites, with a particular focus on how to make a deposit at an online casino, but it could very well be the case that you didn't really need to read any of that information – Visa is so well-used across New Zealand that you may already know exactly how to use it to make purchases on the web.

That's just one of the reasons why this payment method is so popular both with Kiwis and players all over the world, and you can see some of the other reasons for Visa's popularity above too. If you're already convinced, and want to try using Visa for online gambling yourself, all you need to do is click on one of the top-rated Visa gambling sites/casinos that we recommend on this page.


Can I use Visa to fund online gambling?

While this depends on your bank/financial institution and your location, the answer is that in most cases you'll have no trouble using a Visa card to fund online gambling. If you're not sure about whether or not you can use yours then we recommend that you ask your bank directly or just check out their small print.

How quickly are transfers made?

Deposits made using Visa usually transfer in a matter of seconds, but withdrawals take a little longer because casinos have to manually approve and initiate transfers. Once that's done, however, Visa transfers are among the quickest you'll find on the web.

Are there any fees involved?

Again, this depends on your card provider and financial institution but it's very unlikely that an online casino site will charge you any fees to use Visa to top up (or withdraw from, where available) your online gambling account.

How does Visa gambling compare with using other cards?

All credit cards offer a pretty similar experience but, simply because it happens to be the most popular provider out there, you'll find that Visa has a slightly higher rate of acceptance than other cards such as MasterCard.

Is it safe?

If you're playing at an honest and legit casino, using your Visa to make deposits/withdrawals is just as safe as making a purchase from any other online store. There are plenty of measures to keep you safe when you're playing at a reputable casino, so you can feel comfortable using your Visa card.

Is Visa a recommended payment option?

If you don't want to take the time to sign up for an e-wallet service, although it only takes a few minutes to start doing so and get to the gambling, Visa is a great option because it's safe, quick and easy to get to grips with.

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