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New gambling venues on the web don't appear as often as you might think – setting up an online casino and marketing it effectively is a costly business, so it's a process that most would be casino owners just can't afford to undertake – but they do appear from time to time.

Not all of these sites accept players from New Zealand, but many of them are more than happy to allow Kiwi players to hit the slots and/or tables. Whenever new sites do appear, we conduct a series of thorough checks on them that begins with whether or not they accept New Zealanders and allow deposits/withdrawals in NZD.

However, we also look at things like:

  • Size of welcome bonus and associated wagering requirements
  • Casino software used and range of games available
  • Speed and effectiveness of their support team
  • How quickly payouts are processed
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The top online casinos of 2024

What To Expect With New Gambling Sites

Like any other kind of business, there are always newcomers into the gambling market. As a New Zealand gambler, you may wonder whether you should try out one of these new gambling sites, or rather stay with the ones that are better known. You may wonder if they are trustworthy and safe.

There is no single answer to this question, because every operator is different from others, even if they are all in the same basic business. New sites know they have to compete against more established sites with regular clients, and so top 2024 sites like Spin Palace are always looking for new ideas. On the other hand, new gambling sites do not always have the experience to ensure that customers are kept entertained.

Some of the things to keep in mind when deciding about joining a new gambling online site, are the following:

  • Are they registered with international gambling bodies such as e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) and Technical Systems Testing (TST)? If they are, you will know that they meet the necessary international standards, even if they are new.
  • Is the gambling online new site designed in a professional manner? If their games look good and it is easy to navigate, it does not guarantee that everything else will work, but it is a good start.
  • Do they use the latest software and the best graphics and sound to make their games accessible and exciting? The best new online gambling sites ensure that they have these features.
  • Do they offer a wide variety of different games? If they do, you know that you will not get bored.
  • Do they offer good sign-up bonuses and other bonuses and prizes? If they offer competitive bonuses, check the terms and conditions in the same way as you would for older sites, but otherwise, make use of the fact that they often offer some of the best bonuses to attract people.
  • Will the exchange of data with the new online gambling site be protected with secure connections via SSL encryption? This is important for old and new sites.
  • Do they offer a good range of payment options that suit New Zealanders? Check for convenient payment options and the possibility to have your winnings paid out in New Zealand dollars.
  • Do they offer top customer service for Kiwis who like to gamble online?

We have found some of the best new online gambling sites

We are not too concerned about the age of an online gambling site. Whether it is brand new or old, our experts simply ensure that we find the best out there for you to try out. Therefore, if a new site is on our list, you can try it out with confidence, because it already meets our strict requirements. New gambling sites often offer great bonuses and special offers, so would be safe to try one of our top recommendations. All our picks have payment options and other features that are convenient to New Zealanders � so sign up and become one of the first people to �discover� the latest, greatest sites for online gambling!

How New Sites Are Rated

Whenever a new site appears, the very first thing we try to ascertain is whether or not the site is reputable. By that we mean that the site uses RNGs (random number generators) that are fair, pays out on time and doesn't charge any hidden fees.

Fortunately, because bad news travels so quickly in the online gambling space, new gambling sites very rarely try to get away with cheating or behaving dishonestly. Those that do risk hefty fines and being shut down – not the outcome that any casino owner wants to see after pouring so much time and money into setting up their site.

If we're in any doubt as to whether or not a site is playing fair, we won't recommend it. There are so many fantastic sites out there for online gambling, new and old, that it's just not worth taking a risk on a site that has a bad vibe. Reviews from other sites and players appear soon enough to confirm or dispel any suspicions we've had...but we're usually right on the money.

Only after we know that a site is safe will we start looking at their software, games, deposit options and so on. Of course, as we've already mentioned, we'll also make sure that New Zealanders can play there and, ideally, that the site in question accepts NZD before we recommend it on this site.

Showcasing The Best New Gambling Sites

A site's newness is not a guarantee of high quality. While it's more likely that it will have a particularly generous bonus to attract new players, it's not worth signing up for a site that's dishonest, outdated or doesn't have many games to choose from just to get it.

Age is only one of the things we consider when reviewing gambling sites, and we've highlighted some of the other things we look at when rating casinos above.


Can I trust new gambling sites?

Most sites that offer online gambling, new and old alike, are totally honest and play by the rules. Running a successful casino site is lucrative enough without running the risk of being fined or shut down for cheating. However, sites do very occasionally act in a way that's unsafe or dishonest, so you should always use caution.

Should I check out reviews before I sign up?

That's definitely a good idea, although the problem here is that very new sites won't necessarily have any reviews that you can read. That's why we do our best to get reviews of and/or feedback on new casinos uploaded as quickly as we can.

How likely is it that new sites will last?

While they may not become as popular as the top sites out there, most new gambling sites will find enough business to keep running for a long time. The first few months are "make or break" for new sites, so it's probable those sites that make it this long will stand the test of time.

Does using new sites have any benefits?

There's a pretty good chance that if a site has just launched it will probably use the latest software – which means more games for you to enjoy – and support lots of different payment methods. Plus, new sites tend to have the best bonuses around!

Can I get a welcome bonus?

Absolutely. New sites need to attract as many players as quickly as they can, and offering a high value welcome bonus is one of the best ways to do that. As such, you can expect to find generous bonuses with very reasonable wagering requirements at new casinos.

How often do new gambling sites for New Zealanders launch?

Almost 1 millon new websites appear on the web every single day, but it's a completely different story when talking about sites that offer online gambling. New Zealand-based players might expect to see a handful of new casino/poker sites that they can access appear every year, but it's rare to see many more than that

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