Gambling on Mobiles

We use our smartphones to connect to social media and surf the internet and they keep us entertained wherever we go. So, it is also natural that people would be excited when they learn about mobile gambling.

Most of the latest mobile phones are ‘smart’. Even the more basic models now have powerful processors and almost all of them use programs that allow them to connect to the internet. This means that people use them as communication devices rather than merely as phones. Indeed they have become pocket-sized computers with many functions that turn them into cameras, recording devices, music players, video players, calculators and much more. Our research shows that NZ’s top mobile casino is Spin Palace. So why not pay it a visit?

  • You will find as much online casino entertainment and games for your phone as for your desktop computer – including special apps for phones.
  • The larger screens of the latest phones mean that mobile gambling sites will display correctly, and touch screens make it easy to navigate.
  • You can use one account for all your devices: logging on to your online casino from your phone as you do from your computer with the same username and password.
  • You can enjoy online gaming entertainment even if you do not own a computer! Simply sign up at one of our recommended sites directly from your smartphone.
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Smartphone convenience

You can bet on games and win real money in New Zealand dollars using your smartphone, just as easily as you would have from your desktop or laptop. In fact, it is sometimes much easier to use your smartphone since you take it everywhere you travel and you can use it for example while making use of public transport, on holiday or while waiting for someone. As long as there is a mobile phone tower nearby, or you can connect via WiFi or other means, your pocket casino is open for business!

International mobile gambling site operators regularly update their software to ensure they keep up with trends and can attract more visitors, and there are many mobile gambling sites that welcome New Zealanders.

  • The software ensures that the site displays are adapted to the devices and reputable casinos cater for a wide range of popular devices using different operating systems (iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android, Linux, etc.).
  • As long as your phone has Flash enabled, you can play instant Flash games on your device.
  • You can also download some online casino apps (Apple and Android) on your device. Ensure that there is enough space available on the phone itself or its memory card.

Get started

We have found some great New Zealand-friendly gambling mobile sites for you to try out. These top mobile casino sites for Kiwis all offer:

  • Big welcome bonuses, fair gameplay and lots of variety.
  • Payment options that make it possible to have your winnings paid out in New Zealand dollars.
  • Regular rewards, promotions and prizes.
  • Customer support 24/7.

As long as smartphones can connect to the internet, you can enjoy the thrills of gambling online– all day, every day. Wherever you take your smartphone, it will become your pocket-sized casino.

Mobile Vs. Desktop Gaming

Probably the largest difference between mobile gambling, i.e. visiting a casino on your smartphone or tablet, and playing on a desktop or laptop is the selection of games available. While it's not uncommon to find hundreds of games in a standard online casino, most mobile versions offer libraries with 30-50 games primarily comprised of slots titles.

Plus, the gameplay experience is quite different depending on your chosen method of gambling. Mobile titles rely on touchscreens instead of a mouse and keyboard, which provides an experience that actually feels much closer to a land-based slots game – many of which now use touchscreens as well as, or instead of, mechanical buttons – in some ways.

Of course, graphics and sound effects also take a hit when you're using a smartphone or tablet to access casino games – mobile gambling sites, and apps where available, offer versions of the game that have been simplified and slimmed down so they don't require as much processing power.

Unfortunately some games are just too complicated to effectively port for use on a mobile device, which goes a long way towards explaining why mobile game libraries are so much smaller than those available when using a laptop or desktop.

The Popular Devices For Gambling

You'll find plenty of different devices to enjoy mobile gambling on, whether you're using iOS or Android Nougat, with handsets from virtually all providers able to access at least some online casinos:

Apple: The crisp retina screen of the iPhone SE and the large screen size of the iPhone 7/7+ make these great choices if you're looking to enjoy real cash gaming while you're on the move.

Android: The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, even if it has been plagued with technical issues, has a screen that's even larger than the iPhone 7 and games look just fantastic on it.

BlackBerry: Traditionally regarded as a type of phone that's better for work than play, slick new handsets like the DTEK60 are looking to shake off that misconception.

Tablets: Larger devices, like Fire tablets and the Surface Pro, and phablets are arguably even better than smartphones for playing games on because they have larger screens and often boast more processing power.

Now Get Gaming On Mobile:

We've seen above that real cash gambling on a mobile isn't exactly perfect yet – the smaller range of games and sometimes fiddly playing experience might put some gamblers off – but it's clear to us that mobile gaming isn't going away any time soon.

With upcoming developments like 3D and virtual/augmented reality, it's very likely that placing real money wagers on smartphones and tablets will make up an increasingly large slice of the market.

Fortunately, with so many compatible handsets and operating systems available, it's easy to get in on the ground floor – we can't imagine that there are many people out there reading this page that can't find at least a few mobile gambling sites where they can play a few rounds if they're keen to try it.

The sites listed on this page all offer a fantastic experience for players on mobile, including plenty of games and a healthy bonus to get you started. You're only a couple of clicks away from being able to give mobile gambling a go for yourself...


How can I gamble on a mobile?

Getting started is easy, and the simplest first step to take is visiting one of the top-rated sites on this page. You'll either be prompted to download a mobile casino app or be redirected to a mobile version of the site that you can use on your smartphone or tablet.

Are all games available on mobile?

Sadly not. The range of games available for use on mobile is comparatively small, usually around 10% of the 300-500 games that you can find in casinos when playing on a laptop or desktop. The vast majority of these are slots titles with a few table games thrown in for good measure.

How do I get started?

Sites will make it very clear whether you need to download an app or can play using their responsive site. If you don't already have an account with the site in question then you'll need to create one, which can be done either on your computer or right there on your mobile.

Are sites or apps better?

In terms of gameplay, they're more or less the same. Apps need to be updated while sites don't, but it's usually a little easier to access games from your home screen when you're playing via an app. In other words, it doesn't make too much difference which one you use.

Can I still get a bonus?

Absolutely. Whatever platform you use for gambling, mobile and laptop/desktop players get access to all of the same bonuses as long as they follow the proper protocol such as entering the relevant promo code or sending a message to have their bonus activated.

How does play vary from device to device?

The bigger the screen and the more the powerful the device, the better the playing experience will generally be. However, because all versions of a responsive site are based off the same main site, there's usually not too much difference from device to device.

How much data will it use?

You'll definitely want to keep an eye on your data usage, as more graphically intensive games can be tough on restrictive or limited plans. You'll soon get an idea of how much data you're using in a typical session if you check out the relevant information in your phone's settings.

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