Live Dealer Baccarat Gambling

When you think of books and movies that have any kind of casino mention, it is quite likely that baccarat gambling would have featured. It is a fast, glamorous game, and the stakes at land-based casinos are often very high – exactly the things to get the pulses of gambling enthusiasts from New Zealand and elsewhere racing. Online baccarat has the same effect of highly exciting entertainment, and it keeps enthusiasts going back for more, even though it is basically a very simple game of chance.

  • You can play online baccarat on any desktop computer or mobile device that can play streaming video and that has a reliable, fast connection to the internet.
  • Because baccarat is often played for high stakes, beginners could start off by playing some free baccarat gambling online games as a way of familiarising yourself with the rules.
  • Baccarat is a game of chance, with little room for strategy and skill – so beginners should be careful to bet only modest amounts. Baccarat games are quick, and it is easy to get carried away and bet large amounts in a short period of time.
  • Our reviewers look at many gambling online baccarat sites before recommending some of them to you where you could win real cash in New Zealand dollars.

The most realistic online gambling games are the live dealer baccarat versions available at Spin Palace. These can be played wherever you are, thanks to the fact that streaming video shows a real croupier controlling the game. It will make you feel as if you are there because the live dealers’ actions can be watched closely and from different angles. They are filmed by a number of webcams in a setting that closely resembles a real life casino. You then see the live broadcast and can also hear what the dealer says. What makes it really interactive is that you can communicate with the dealer via a chat box.

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How it works: Nine is the magic number

  • Once you have chosen one of our recommended sites and registered, this is how a game of live dealer baccarat works:
  • Choose one of the live dealer gambling baccarat online games and ‘sit down’, just as at a real-life casino.
  • Watch the croupier’s actions via streaming video, and participate by using the live chat boxes where you can talk to the dealer and indicate your choices.
  • The idea is to bet on which of the ‘player’ or ‘banker’ hands holds cards that have a value that is closest to 9 (but not more than 9). In baccarat these are simply generic names, and the dealer represents the ‘banker’, while the person whose turn it is to play represents the ‘player’ position. Each of the ‘player’ and banker position gets two cards dealt face up.
  • The hand that has a value closest to 9 will win, and if the values are the same, the game will be declared a tie.
  • The special system of values of the cards in the pack for baccarat are unusual:
  • tens and picture (‘face’) cards are worth zero, aces are worth 1, while all other the other cards keep their normal values.
  • For the final value of a baccarat hand, the numbers are added together, but only the last digit counts. For instance, if a hand is made up of a 4 and a 9, the total is 13 but the value of the hand is 3.

All our trusted sites have a good selection of live dealer online gambling baccarat games. They also have a selection of convenient deposit and payment options. Enjoy the thrill of betting on a baccarat game and getting as close as possible to that magic number of nine. If you get it right, you could win big cash in New Zealand dollars!

How The Game Works

The mechanics of live dealer baccarat gambling aren't too different from playing the game in a standard online casino. Just like in offline or standard online baccarat players can bet on the player hand, banker hand or a tie, and the dealer will then draw cards according to the usual rules of the game.

One thing to watch out for is that the dealer dictates the pace of the action in live dealer baccarat gambling, rather than you deciding when to click Deal, so you need to make sure that you get all of your bets in on time. This is particularly important if you're following a system that involves betting in a particular way after wins, losses or certain outcomes.

Just as when you play in a standard online casino, bet on the right outcome and you'll see some virtual chips heading your way!

How Things Are Different With A Live Dealer

The biggest difference between live dealer baccarat gambling and playing the game in a standard online casino is, of course, that real cards are being used. That's a real advantage for players who are sceptical about online gambling being rigged, because it means that they can see everything that's happening and make sure that there's no cheating going on.

Aside from making it look more like land-based baccarat, this doesn't have as much impact on gameplay as you might expect – bets are placed in much the same way, although you can often chat to the dealer and/or other players while you place them, and then it's just a matter of waiting for the results to unfold.

As we've mentioned elsewhere, you'll also want to make sure that you get all of your bets in on time because you're no longer in control of when cards start being dealt in live dealer baccarat gambling.

What To Look For In A Live Dealer Baccarat Casino

There's more to a good live dealer baccarat casino than just a decent version of this particular game. Obviously you'll want to find a site with professional dealers and a high quality video feed, but there are many other things to look for too.

For example, a generous welcome bonus with low wagering requirements is a good sign that a casino is eager to engage with new customers and keep them happy. You may want to check whether or not you can use your bonus in the live dealer casino area, as this isn't always the case.

When gambling, live dealer baccarat may be your game of choice but it's wise to consider the other games the site has available – cutting edge software and a wide range of games is a solid indication that this is a casino that appreciates its customers and wants to make sure that they have the best experience possible.

Choosing Your Baccarat Site:

Baccarat may be one of the few casino games that can be enjoyed in a live dealer format, but it's certainly not one that's lacking excitement. Easy to get to grips with, but moreish enough for lengthy sessions, this is one game we're sure you're going to want to try.

There is no shortage of places where you can play live dealer baccarat but, if anything, that makes it even harder to settle on somewhere to enjoy the game! Fortunately for you, we've listed some of the best places for New Zealanders to try the game on this page. You're just a couple of clicks away from getting started...


How exactly does live dealer baccarat work?

The game works in pretty much exactly the same way as it does in a land-based casino, with just a few minor differences. Players must get their bets placed within a certain time limit, then the dealer will draw cards according to the usual rules.

Where can I play?

There are plenty of places to enjoy live dealer games, with both dedicated sites and offshoots of existing "traditional" online casino sites offering live dealer baccarat gambling. We've listed some of our top-rated choices on this page for you.

How does the game compare to standard online baccarat?

Players have a little less control over how quickly they play, plus they're facing off against a real dealer and not a random number generator, but otherwise the game plays very similarly to standard online baccarat – if you have some experience with the latter then you certainly won't feel overwhelmed when trying the live dealer version.

Can I use strategy?

Sadly not – this is a game of chance, and any betting systems that suggest betting in a certain way because of previous outcomes are flawed precisely because of this fact. If we knew a strategy that would help you win every time we would tell you, but it simply doesn't exist.

Can I enjoy live dealer baccarat gambling on a mobile?

That depends on where you're playing. Quite a few live dealer sites allow you to access their games on tablet when gambling, live dealer baccarat being one of those games, and a couple will even allow you to play on smartphone but being able to access these titles on a mobile is by no means a sure thing.

Is the game fixed?

Definitely not. The best online casino sites will never cheat or con you, and have regular audits by third party inspectors to prove that they play fair, but foul play is even less likely in live dealer games when players can see all of the action unfolding.

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