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If you’ve never played at an online casino in New Zealand before, you’ll be surprised when you see the sheer number of different games on offer. From pokies through to roulette, and from blackjack through to baccarat, there’s something for absolutely everyone at online casinos. But what exactly are the most commonly played games in New Zealand, and why are they so popular with players? You’ll find out the answers to these questions, as well as much more, when you read through the page below.

There are many fantastic places to play online casino games in New Zealand, most of which offer impressive welcome bonuses and incredibly high security. So that you can play at the best online casinos, we’ve reviewed a number of them, and you can read these detailed reviews here on this site. Our top casino can change, however at the moment we think that the number one place to play is Spin Palace.

You’ll find out loads of information on this page, including:

  • Which online casino games are most popular with players in New Zealand
  • How to get the most out of your welcome bonuses and promotions
  • Which casinos offer the safest and most secure gambling for New Zealand players

“From pokies through to roulette, and from blackjack through to baccarat, there’s something for absolutely everyone at online casinos.”

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The world of online casinos is an incredibly varied place, and this can only be a good thing. Regardless of the type of game you enjoy playing, you’re likely to find multiple versions when you play online, and most of these versions will offer some rather impressive looking jackpots. If you want to find the best places to play your favourite game, why not take a look through the reviews here on this site? Then it’s simply a case of signing up and making a deposit before you can start to play!


What are the best online casino games?

It’s impossible to say which online casino game is the best, as everyone has their own particular favourite. The most popular type of game amongst online casino players in New Zealand is pokies though, thanks to the huge variety on offer, as well as the absolutely huge jackpots that many of them have.

How do they work?

The rules of each online casino game are different, however these rules can be found within the game. Most games are similar in the fact that you will have to place a bet, before the game is then played. If the turn is a winning one, you will then find that your prize is automatically added to your online casino account.

Are they rigged?

When you play at one of the online casinos recommended by this site, you can be sure that the games are not rigged. This is because all of our recommended casinos are regulated by external government bodies, who constantly ensure that the casinos are acting fairly and honestly with all of their players.

What games have the best odds?

Certain versions of video poker have the best odds at an online casino, as some of them actually have RTPs of over 100%, therefore meaning that perfect play should lead to a profit in the long term. When played perfectly, blackjack and roulette also have high odds, while some pokies can also have odds that are over 97%.

Where can I find the biggest jackpots?

This is an easy question to answer, as the biggest jackpots come at progressive pokies. Some of the jackpots at these games can stretch into the millions of dollars, with the record being over NZ$23m. This prize was won by a British player playing Mega Moolah, which is the pokie that usually offers the biggest jackpot around.

Which are best for beginners?

If you are only just starting their adventure in the world of online casinos, you should stick to the simpler games, such as blackjack, roulette and classic slots. Once you have become confident with the rules, it is then possible for you to move to more complex games, as well as games with higher minimum bet amounts.

How can I improve my winning chances?

Many games are simply based on luck, therefore it is not possible to improve the chances of you winning a big prize. Some games though, such as poker and blackjack, have large elements of skill attached to them. To improve your chances of winning at these skill-based games, you should read about tactics and practice as much as possible.

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